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T-shirt. 100% cotton. Black. 8,00€ (+ shipping costs).

Tote bag. 100% cotton. Black. 8,00€ (+ shipping costs).

Tote bag. 100% cotton. Red. 8,00€ (+ shipping costs).

Sound recording of the LEX performance (Vilafranca, 1-24-16 )
by Fame Chimica.

Limited edition of 24 numbered copies.
Total Time: 24:00 minutes
10,00€ (+ shipping costs)

Buidat sonor d’un perímetre abans d’una performance (Perimeter sound emptying before a performance) is a Fame Chimica action.

Minutes before the performance “Lloc esgotat” (Peacock Artistic Festival, 24.09.16) Fame Chimica recorded the sounds produced by passing a cassette by the perimeter of the stage.
This emptying, analog and noisy, will become the soundtrack for the action to start.

Limited edition of 25 numbered copies.
Total Time: 14:57 minutes
10,00€ (+ shipping costs)

Fame Chimica presents “El Último Momento” (The Last Moment’), a compilation of unpublished video works that can both function as a shy retrospective (two years of history, more than thirty actions), as current state of the group.

DVD Pal format
Duration 45:15

01 Claustre 01:53
02 Everyday 04:58
03 Threads 03:47
04 FM Is 03:39
05 Hybrid 06:59
06 Representation 08:39
07 The Mesh 02:49
08 The Sound 02:16
09 Post-Derelicte 09:30
10 47 Seconds 00:47

Photographs Eudald Van Der Pla
Design JA Alvarez / Onetree.es

To Nøvak Product


Limited edition of 50 copies.
€ 10.00 (+ shipping costs)