The FAME CHIMICA art group works by cycles or phases.
We often speak of incarnations. In each of these phases we deploy a whole series of techniques and dynamics to explore everything that the subject suggests or our investigation leads us.
In this way we use video, body, noise and, in another sense, the installation, performance and sound recording to express intensely the aesthetic aspects that each theme inspires. Systematic and attentive exploration creates moments of vehement beauty.

Second phase (08/24/16 – 05/26/18). Try to connect with the space where the action takes place, to modulate the resonances open to the active interpretation. There is a wealth of information and feelings inherent in each position that, contrary to uniform policies, make them unique and valuable. This phase is characterized by the sensitive and holistic look that revives and expresses (to the flâneur) the intangible that the physical thing provides. Psychogeography is a method and a means, never an end in itself. The science behind us gives us tools to transmute concepts into art and transfer sensations to the viewer. It is an art of approach.

First phase (14/10/15 – 07/29/16). This phase is characterized by the use of the body as a privileged vehicle to show how rites are created by pure human need: they hide an intuitive world of fears and superstitions. Even today they are valid (and if they are replaced) and its plastic side has adapted to the historical times. However, we have found common denominators that have nourished our actions: repetition as a form of knowledge, anonymity or depersonalization and mortification.